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The 10th AFGC Meeting: “The current and future issues facing by WTO and Asian farmers-climate change, food and energy security”
24/08/2011 - 14:41
The 10th AFGC Meeting: “The current and future issues facing by WTO and Asian farmers-climate change, food and energy security”

On 24-25th February 2010, in Hanoi, Asian Farmers Group Cooperation cooperated with Vietnam Cooperative Alliance (VCA) to hold its annual meeting with the title “The current and future issues facing by WTO and Asian farmers-climate change, food and energy security”.

Attending the meeting are 9 AFGC members, including agriculture and farmer organizations from India, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippine, Malaysia, Sri-Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Campuchia- its AFGC partners.

In the meeting, the delegates focused on discussing the issues related to global climate change and its impacts on the agricultural production and farmers; food and energy security as well as programs and action plans that  AFGC’s members have developed during the past time in order to enhance the capacity for the agricultural cooperatives and farmer organizations.

Addressing at the meeting, President of Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, Dr. Nguyen Tien Quan made a welcome remark to the meeting:

“First of all, on behalf of Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, I would like to warmly welcome all delegates who have come to Vietnam for attending the 10th AFGC meeting, which is firstly held in Hanoi. May I wish you all a successful meeting, an interesting and memorable time in Vietnam.

AFGC truly is a wonderful idea with the formation of consultation forum, information and experience exchange between farmer associations, agricultural organizations in the Asian region. Since joining the membership of AFGC and attending the seminars, meetings and programs in the operation framework of AFGC, Vietnam Cooperative Alliance has received a lot of useful information ans experiences as well as the concrete and essential supports, through that we have been able to strengthen the supporting activities of VCA for the member agricultural cooperatives. A remarkable feature in the operation of AFGC is always closely follow the issues which are related to and have direct impact on the production and life of farmers, the issues which are concerned by the governments, international communities, cooperative organizations and farmer organizations in the region and the world, for example the agriculture trade in the negotiation of WTO; the impact of WTO and trade liberalization on the agriculture and farmers of countries in the regions and the world; the policies of governments in the agricultural, rural and farmer development; the issues of food security, environment and global climate change; the improvement of the role and efficiency of agricultural cooperatives in supporting and developing agriculture and farmers…

This 10th AFGC meeting with the title “The current and future isses facing  WTO and Asian farmers- climate change, food and energy security” is really an interesting theme, especially for a country like Vietnam, which is a new member of WTO  and is suffering serious impacts of the climate change, at the same time facing many challenges in the process of development such as the exchange between economic growth and the save of the environment, food security, political and social stability. Hopefully, the international and Vietnamese delegates will bring to this meeting with excellent presentations, useful information and we will have two daysof meeting with effectiveness and fruitful discussions.

On behalf of the host country, I would like to express my sincere thanks to JA-Zenchu for its effective supports to AFGC and its member organizations in the past years, especially the sponsor for the project on capacity building of agricultural cooperatives through the Fund of Coexistence with Asia of JA-Zenchu.

Once again, I would like to extend my appreciation to the Secretariat of AFGC for choosing Vietnam as the place of holding the 10th AFGC meeting. I would like to wish all delegates good health, happiness and great success”.

In the meeting, representatives from country members give presentation turn by turn.

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